Roster Data Sharing Options: Clever vs Manual Features

Features and Requirements Comparison Chart   Clever   Manual
Teacher accounts are created for you.    
Student accounts are created for you.    
Requires a unique teacher email address for each school.    
Requires a unique numerical-only student number for each student.    
Requires creating a free account with Clever; Clever assists with account setup and data sharing.    
Requires SFTP files to be generated and sent to Clever, unless automated option is available; click here to see if your SIS offers an automated option.    
Collects section data to create trackers.    
Teachers can create trackers from sections assigned to them in their SIS.    
Offers automatic overnight syncing to keep rosters and sections up-to-date.    
Requires all teacher, student and section roster updates to be sent to Clever.    
Requires a unique section id across the school or district for each section.    
Requires sending teacher and student data in CSV format via FERPA-secure ShareFile link; CSV templates and link provided.    
Requires an admin to make all teacher and student roster updates.    
Requires populating trackers by adding students manually from the school's student roster list.    
Allows manual updating of teacher and student roster data.    
Allows manual updating of trackers.