Create a District Formative Assessment

*Note: this is an admin only feature.

District Formative Assessments are used to distribute a common formative assessment to multiple trackers from the district level. District Formative assessments must be set as Private to the district and can only be distributed by District Administrators or Benchmark Facilitators. These assessments are aligned to individual standards, so each tracker that will receive the assessment needs to include ALL standards on the district formative assessment. 

District Formative Assessments look just like any other formative assessments in teacher's trackers, and they do impact student's mastery levels. 


How to Create a District Formative Assessment

  1. Click on Admin, then hover over Assessments and select Formative.
  2. Click on Add Assessment.

     3. Select Formative Assessment as the Assessment Type.

     4. Follow the rest of the steps to Create an Assessment.