Exclude Trackers from a Benchmark Assessment


How to Exclude Trackers from a Benchmark Assessment

  1. Click on Admin, hover-over Assessments, and then select Benchmarks.Screen_Shot_2017-10-17_at_8.33.59_AM.png
  2. Find the benchmark assessment that you want to deliver, and click on the Manage Delivery button.Screen_Shot_2017-10-17_at_8.38.33_AM.png
  3. Select the schools to which you want to add the benchmark.Screen_Shot_2017-10-17_at_9.10.59_AM.png
  4. Click the arrow to the left of the school name to view a list of trackers for that school.Screen_Shot_2017-10-17_at_9.12.42_AM.png
  5. Click Exclude This Tracker to exclude the tracker from the school when adding the benchmark to that school.