Manage a Benchmark Assessment

*Note: this is a district-only feature.

On the Manage Benchmark page, you can manage when the benchmark will be available to each school, delete scores, and view benchmark assessment progress.


How to Manage a Benchmark Assessment

  1. Click on Admin, hover-over Assessments, and then select Benchmarks.
  2. Find the benchmark assessment that you want to deliver or edit, and click on the Manage button.
  3. To turn the benchmark on for a certain school, click the On button to the right of the school.  Click it again to turn the benchmark back off for that school.  In order for the benchmark to be assessable to teachers and students, the benchmark must be available AND turned ON.  3.png
  4. To view the progress of each individual teacher, click on the school name.
  5. To delete all assessed scores from a tracker, click on Delete Scores next to that tracker. This deletes any scores, but leaves the benchmark in the tracker.4.png
  6. Click on Remove This Tracker to remove the benchmark assessment from that tracker.

    Note: This also deletes any scores associated with the benchmark within that tracker. Once these scores are deleted, they cannot be retrieved.