Create an Assessment

Open Assessment Tool

Open Assessment Tool

Click on Assessments, then click on Add Assessment.

Note: If you want to use specific standards from a tracker to create an assessment, you can create an assessment from the tracker. Click on Add Assessment from your main tracker view. This will automatically fill in the core and class in the assessment creation.

Select Assessment Source

Select Assessment Source

Define details for the assessment, including assessment type, subject, core, class, and standard by selecting an option from the corresponding drop-down menu [1]. If you want to align an assessment to multiple standards, select Multi-Standard from the Standard drop-down menu.

If you have the correct permission, you can approve an assessment for use across the district. Approved assessments cannot be cloned by other users in the district. To approve the assessment, click the District Approved Assessment toggle [2].

Enter a title and description for the assessment in the Title and Description text fields [3].

To select a source for the assessment, document or item based, select an option from the Assessment Source drop-down menu [4]. If you are uploading a file, you can upload Microsoft Office, OpenOffice, and PDF file types from your computer, Google Drive, or Dropbox.

You can define privacy for the assessment, from keeping the assessment private to you to sharing it with the Community. To define assessment privacy, select an option from the Privacy drop-down menu [5]. If the assessment is not copyrighted, click the Assessment is not Copyrighted checkbox [6].

Finish and Create Assessment

Finish and Create Assessment

Select the Assessment source by choosing to upload a file, select items from an item bank or have no file.

Select the privacy settings.  You can make the assessment private to yourself, your school or your district.  If you decide to share the assessment with the community, you will see a checkbox option to confirm that the document you are using is not copyrighted.

Select the Question Type. This can include all different types. Enter the quantity of questions for each type of question and then click the "+" to  add to your assessment. You may add a different amount of each questions type or use only one type.  Free users can create up to 10 questions, premium users can create up to 100.

If you are creating a multi-standard assessment, select the standard to which you want to align each individual question.

Next select the answer by clicking on the correct bubble(s) for multiple choice and multi select.  Then select the points associated with each question. You can also apply tags to questions if your school or district uses them.  If you find that you don't want a certain question or added too many, click the garbage icon to remove the question.

Enter your cut scores for Mastery Scoring, then click on the Create Assessment button.