Organize Your Trackers


How to Organize Your Trackers To Rearrange or Reorder Standards:

  1. Drag and drop standards by clicking the 4-way arrow and moving the standard to the order you want.


To Show or Hide Benchmarks, Power Standards, Units, or Groups:

  1. Click on the color group button, and check the boxes for District Benchmarks, Multi-standard Assessments, Power Standards, Units, or groups you want to be displayed in your tracker.
    • District Benchmarks are created and delivered by the district.  They will appear as a dark gray column with a letter "B" on the tab.
    • Multi-standard Assessments are any assessments added to the tracker that have multiple standards.  They appear as a light gray column with a letter "M" on the tab.
    • Show Power Standards Only will display only those standards that have been selected as Power Standards.  They are standards marked by the Blue letter "P". Click here to set Power Standards in your Tracker.
    • Units are defined by a curriculum map, if you created your tracker from a curriculum map.
    • Groups are determined by the set of standards you added to your tracker.  If you added any additional standards, such as another core or grade, those will be part of the group titled Added.


To Add Notes or Dates to Your Trackers:

  1. Hover over each standard in your tracker and click on Notes to add any additional notes to the standard, such as "I Can" statements.
  2. Click on Edit to enter your notes, then click Save. Check the box to hide the notes from parents if you want to keep the notes private to yourself.
  3. Hover over the standard and click on Calendar to add calendar dates to your standards.