Score an Assessment with GradeCam


How to Score an Assessment with GradeCam

  1. In the tracker, hover over the standard you want to assess, and click Assess.
  2. Click on Enable Camera in the GradeCam window.
  3. Hold the completed bubble sheet so that it's visible in the camera window.  Make sure that the borders of the bubble sheet box are included. The scores will automatically be added for each student.
  4. To score using the student view, click on the Student View icon. This will allow students to score their own assessments and see their results.
  5. When you're finished scanning, click on the green Power Button on the GradeCam window to turn the camera off.


How to Score a Previous Assessment

  1. In your tracker, hover over the standard you want to assess and click on Assess.
  2. Hover over the assessment title, and click on Scan Scores.
  3. Follow the steps above to scan the bubble sheets.