Add Standards from Different Cores or Grades

Your tracker contains the standards you selected when you created the tracker. You can add additional standards from other grades or sets of standards as needed.

Open Tracker

Open Tracker

In Global Navigation, click the Trackers tab [1] and then click the name of the tracker [2].

Open More Options Menu

Open More Options

Click the More button to open the More Options menu.

Configure Standard

Configure Standard

Select the Subject, Core, Class, and standards you want to add to your tracker, then click on Add Standard(s).

Arrange Standards

View Added Standard

The new standards will be added at the end of your tracker. To rearrange the order of the standard in your tracker, hover over the standard title and click the 4-way arrow [1]. Then drag and drop the standard to move it where you want.

If you don't see the standards you added, click the Tracker button [2] to open the Tracker Display menu and verify that the Added checkbox [3] is selected.