Clever Overview

Your contract with MasteryConnect covers the cost for you to use Clever to securely integrate your SIS teacher, student, section, and enrollment data with us. Clever also works as an Identity Provider (IDP) and Single Sign-On (SSO) solution for a wide range of online applications other than MasteryConnect. Depending on your SIS, there are two different methods for syncing data via Clever. Each method is discussed in more detail below.

Please follow these steps to use Clever to share your SIS data with MasteryConnect:

  1. Click here to register for a Clever account to connect with MasteryConnect. A Clever representative will then contact you. The steps required to send data to Clever from your SIS are based on your SIS provider; you can browse Clever's sync options here
  2. After you create an account, please request to connect with the MasteryConnect app within Clever. Click here for instructions for connecting with our app.
  3. After your SIS data is sent to Clever, please share the data with MasteryConnect from your Clever dashboard. Click here for instructions for sharing your data with us in Clever.

We recommend you update Clever from your SIS on a daily basis, thereby eliminating the need for administrators to manually manage school rosters. Changes that are sent to Clever today are automatically reflected in MasteryConnect tomorrow.

Auto Sync Option

Click here to view Clever’s list of supported SIS vendors that currently offer an auto sync option. (If your SIS is not on this list, you still have the option to use SFTP sync.) If your SIS offers a Clever-managed auto sync, the instructions for sharing data with Clever are located here.

SFTP Sync Option (including the Web Upload tool)

Click here to view the instructions for sending your data to Clever via SFTP client or Web Upload tool. The SFTP client transfer process supports automating the transfer via SQL query.