Connect a Tracker to an SIS Section

If you previously added students to a tracker either manually or through a CSV file, you can connect those students to the Student Information System once your school or district has integrated with MasteryConnect.



How to Connect a Tracker to an SIS Section

  1. Click on Trackers, then find the tracker you want to connect; click on Edit under the tracker name.
  2. Select your class from the Link to Classroom drop-down menu, and click on Update.
  3. Make sure the number of students in your tracker matches the number in the classroom you are linking to. If you receive any errors in matching the students, you'll see the following message.     
  4. Click on View Trackers to verify all your students and student numbers with the SIS section. Click on Edit next to the student's name to edit any student numbers, or click on the Trash icon to remove a student. Once you've made the adjustments to your tracker, repeat the steps above.
  5. Once your tracker has been successfully linked to a section, you will see the section listed under the tracker name.