Create Resource Pin

Resource Pins currently support PDFDOC, and XLS; JPEG, GIF, PNG, or BMP (or any other image format that your browser supports). You may be able to upload other (proprietary) file types; however, we can't guarantee an optimal user experience.


How to Create a Resource Pin

  1. Click on Pins, then click on Add Resource Pin.
  2. You can upload a file from your computer or enter a web address to create a pin. Click Choose File and select a file to upload from your computer or copy and paste the web address URL. Click Find Images to locate an image to pin from the document or web page. Upload or Add Resource Pin
  3. Click the arrows on the image to select the image you want to pin. Select from the drop-down menus to pin to your board or curriculum maps and the standards it aligns to. When you've entered all the information, click Pin It to create the pin. Your pin will then be available for others in the community to pin and use. Create Pin