Deliver a Benchmark with a Bubble Sheet

 In order to deliver a benchmark assessment with bubble sheets you'll need to print both the assessment source and the bubbles sheets for your students. You can also deliver a benchmark assessment from a web browser.


How to Deliver a Benchmark Assessment with Bubble Sheets

  1. Log in to MasteryConnect and click Trackers, or if a notification email was sent to you, click on the link in your email. 
  2. From the list of trackers, find the one that contains the benchmark you are delivering, and then click on it.
  3. As you look at the tracker, you'll notice that the black columns are the benchmark assessments, and that there is a tab with a B at the top. Click on the header of the benchmark to open it.Benchmark in tracker
  4. Now, you'll need to print the assessment for your students. To do this, hover over the orange menu button, and select View Assessment.
    Orange Menu View Assessment
  5. Click the Assessment tab and then click Print. This will open a printable version of the assessment.
    Note: If the assessment contains technology enhanced items (TEIs), you will be unable to print and score it using a bubble sheet, and the Print button will not appear. You will need to deliver these with a web browser.
    Print assessment source
  6. After you have printed the assessment, you'll need to print the bubble sheets for your students. In the Assessment dialog box, click the Bubble Sheet tab.  In the Print Options section, check the boxes to add student IDs, the assessment name, or your name to the printed bubble sheets.  Click Print Bubble Sheets to open the Print dialog box, or click Download Bubble Sheets to open a printable version.
  7. After you have delivered the benchmark assessment to your students, you can use GradeCam to scan the answers and add them to your tracker.