Log in with a Clever Account

If your district has Clever's Instant Login properly configured, you can sign in to MasteryConnect using your Clever username and password. However, some initial configuration is required within your Clever account to enable this functionality. Below are some Clever articles that help provide clarity and additional information:



How to Sign In to MasteryConnect with Clever

  1. Go to www.masteryconnect.com.
  2. Click on Login.

    Note: You can also access the login screen by typing: https://app.masteryconnect.com/login.

    MasteryConnect Login
  3. Click on Sign in with Clever.

    Single Sign-On Using Clever

  4. Search for your school (or district) and then select your account.Clever Select a School
  5. Sign in with your Clever username and password. You may also have Clever's Instant Login configured to work with Google.Clever Integration - SS2