Log in with an LDAP Account

Make sure that your district has Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) access to MasteryConnect. If this is not set up, please contact your system administrator so that they can work with MasteryConnect to get LDAP configured. In order for us to help set up an LDAP connection for students and/or teachers, we will need the following information:

  • Host 
  • Port 
  • Encrypted (yes or no)
  • Base 
  • Username
  • Password 
  • The format or values for student and/or teacher usernames (e.g. the first part of an email address, specific username fields sent via Clever, etc.)
  • Test Credentials (teacher and/or student)
  • User Group Roles (optional)



How to Log in With an LDAP Account

  1. After you have a User ID and Password set up for LDAP, there are a couple of different ways to log in.
  2. Go to you new district-specific URL
    (e.g. “mydistrict.masteryconnect.com ).
    - or -
    Go to www.masteryconnect.com and click on Login.MasteryConnect LoginNote: You can also access the login screen by typing: https://app.masteryconnect.com/login.
  3. In the Username or Email Address field, type the name of your district, followed by a forward slash and your username (example: mydistrict/username). If you’re not sure what to type for your district, check the email from your administrator. Note: If you use your district-specific URL, the district tag should auto-populate
    Log in Using LDAP
  4. Type your password in the Password field.
  5. The next time you login, you will only need to enter your Username and Password; the district portion is saved and will be auto-populated in the Username field. If for any reason the district does not show up, follow the previous steps to add your district name again.

Note: If you have an older LDAP URL bookmarked, you can still use it to access your district’s LDAP login page. When you use that link, you will be directed to the MasteryConnect login page with your district information auto-populated. All you will need is your Username and Password to gain access.