Manually Add a Section (Administrators)

After a section has been created, any teachers that have been added to the section can add it to their trackers.  To learn how to add a section of students to a tracker, check out our help article on Import Students from an SIS.

Step by Step

How to Manually Add a Section

  1. Click on Admin, hover over Manage, and select Sections.
  2. Click the Add Section button.
  3. Complete the required fields (marked by an asterisk), and then click the Create Section button.
  4. To add teachers to the section, click Add Teachers to Section, begin typing the teacher's name, and then select from the list. Add teachers to Section
  5. To add students to the section, click Add Students to Section, begin typing the students's name, and then select from the list.
  6. After you have added teachers and students, click the Save button.