One-Time Manual Roster Import


 ShareFile Graphic copy

Some circumstances may necessitate a manual, one-time batch upload of your rostering information. This process involves sending individual “.csv”  files containing student and teacher roster data directly to MasteryConnect using provided file templates. Please note that due to FERPA regulations, we cannot accept student data over email.  All student data must be sent to us using ShareFile or another FERPA compliant data transfer method.

How to Transfer CSV Files to MasteryConnect:

  1. Download our CSV Roster templates.
  2. Export the required fields roster data from your SIS into the provided roster templates.

  3. The completed CSV files must be securely transferred via this FERPA-secure Sharefile link. We are required to delete all student data sent via email and other non-secure methods. 

After your files are received and processed, teachers and administrators will be required (from this point forward) to manually add or remove students from their trackers and the system.