Overview of Sub-Standards

This article will give you an overview of how sub-standards interact with the standard to which they are attached. For information on how to create a sub-standard, please take a look at our article Add Sub-Standards to a Tracker.

  • When you add a sub-standard to a standard, the sub-standard will appear in your tracker.  To assess the sub-standard, hover over the title of the sub-standard, and click Assess.Tracker Sub Standard Assess


  • The mastery level of the sub-standard is rolled-up to the mastery level.  This means that the mastery level of the sub-standard is assigned as the mastery level of the standard.
  • If you have not assessed the parent standard, mastery levels will not be rolled-up until all sub-standards have been assessed.Sub Standard not all Assessed
  • After all sub-standards have been assessed for the parent standard, by default, the sub-standard with the lowest mastery level is the one that is rolled-up to the parent. 
    • To change the calculation method of sub-standards, click on the tracker orange menu button and select Proficiency Settings.
    • Select to use an "Average" method of calculation for sub-standards instead of using the default lowest score
    • NOTE: This is only available in Trackers where the teachers' respective admins have made Tracker-level settings availablewidth=