Activate Your Parent Portal


The MasteryConnect Parent Portal allows you to access your child’s progress in real time. As your student learns and becomes proficient in concepts and standards throughout the year, you can stay updated.

For more information about the type of information contained in the parent portal, take a look at our Parent Portal Overview article.


How to Activate Your MasteryConnect Parent Portal

  1. You will receive an email from MasteryConnect after your student's teacher activates your parent login account. Click on the Activate Your Account link in this email.
    Note: If you didn’t receive an activation email, check with your child’s teacher to verify that they have your correct email address.Parent Login - Activation Email
  2. Enter your name and create a password to set up your account. Click Save and Continue.Parent Login - Profile Setup
  3. You’re done! To access your account, go to, click on Login, and enter your email and password.