Remove a Benchmark Assessment from an Individual Tracker

As an administrator, you can delete a benchmark assessment from the list of benchmarks in MasteryConnect, or you can delete it from trackers.  The following article will show you how to delete scored or un-scored benchmarks from individual trackers.

Step by Step

How to Remove a Benchmark Assessment from an Individual Tracker

  1. Click on Admin, hover over Assessments, and then click on Benchmarks.
  2. Find the benchmark and click the Manage button. Manage delivery button
  3. Click the arrow on the left of the school that contains the tracker that you want to remove.  A drop down list of the trackers will appear.  Click on Remove This Tracker on the right side of the tracker that you want to remove. If the tracker has scores or the students have began taking the test, ALL data will be deleted. Please be sure there is no data connected to the benchmark before you remove the tracker.
  4. Click OK to remove the tracker. 
  5. Do not hit save. Refresh the page and the benchmark will be removed from the tracker.