Reopen a Submitted Benchmark

Sometimes, a student may accidentally submit a benchmark assessment before they have answered all of the questions. MasteryConnect allows administrators to reopen submitted benchmarks without the student losing any of the answers they have already completed. 

If a student has submitted an incomplete benchmark assessment by mistake, please contact your school or district administrator; they will be able to reopen it using the following steps.


How to Reopen a Submitted Benchmark

  1. First, sign in to the teacher's MasteryConnect account from the Admin>Manage Teachers Page and click Trackers.
  2. From the list of trackers, open the one that contains the benchmark you are resetting for the student or students.
  3. In the tracker, click on the benchmark heading.
    Click benchmark header
  4. Hover over the blue menu button, and select Reopen Test for Students.
    Reopen test for students
  5. Select the students for whom you'd like to reopen the benchmark, and then click the Reopen Test For Students button.
    Reopen benchmark dialog box
  6. The student(s) will now be able to enter the test ID and their student ID in MasteryConnect Student and continue taking the test from the point at which they left off.