How do I send staff account activation emails as a Mastery Connect admin?

As a Mastery Connect administrator, you can send activation emails to staff members who have not yet activated their accounts. You can send activation emails to all staff members at once or to individual members.

After you send an activation email, staff members can activate their accounts from a link in the email.


  • When you add a staff account, the system automatically sends the user an activation email.
  • You can resend emails as needed.

Open Admin Area

Open Admin Area

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Admin link.

Send Multiple Activation Emails

Open Manage Teachers Page

By default, the Manage Teachers page displays.

To send all inactive users an activation email, hover over the Options icon [1] and click the Send Activation Emails link [2].

Send Single Activation Email

Send Single Activation Email

In the Manage Teachers page, you can also send an activation email to a single staff member.

To locate staff who have not yet activated their accounts, click the Status drop-down menu [1] and select the Pending option [2].

To send an activation email to a staff member, click their profile's Resend Activation Email link [3].