Set a Custom Expiration Time for a Test ID

By default, all test IDs expire seven days after they have been generated, but you can always set an expiration date with a different time frame.

However, there may be instances when you want a test ID to expire at a specific time (at the end of a class period, for instance). This article will walk you through the steps for setting a custom expiration time for the assessment ID.

And remember, you can always generate a new test ID if you need to reopen it at a later time.


Step-by-Step: How to Set a Custom Expiration Time for an Assessment

  1. First, you'll need to open the assessment in your tracker. To do this, click on Trackers.Trackers - Trackers
  2. Next, find the test ID for your assessment by opening a tracker and clicking on the name of the standard (e.g. 6.RP.A.1) where your assessment is located.Standard Title
  3. Click on Assess above the standard name to see the test ID. Note: If you're working with a multi-standard assessment, you'll have to click the title of the assessment and drill down to find the Assess button.
  4. You'll see the test ID for that assessment; or you'll see dashes if one has not yet been generated. You may also see a status of Expired (in red letters); in these cases, simply click on Generate New Test ID to create a new test ID.
  5. Click on Change Expiration Options.
  6. Select Custom, and enter the date and time that you want the test ID to expire.
  7. Click Update.