Set a Power Standard in a Tracker

In MasteryConnect, a power standard is used to call out or emphasize specific standards in a tracker or curriculum map. You can set a standard as a power standard for any reason that you may have to mark that standard. For example, if it is one that needs to be mastered before moving on.


How to Set a Power Standard in a Tracker

  1. Click on Trackers, then select your tracker.
  2. Hover over the standard title and select Set as Power Standard.
  3. After a standard has been set as a power standard in your tracker, it will be marked with a P at the top of the column.
  4. To remove the power standard, hover over the title and select Unset as Power Standard.
  5. You also have the option to only show Power standards in the Tracker view. This will create a better picture of the most relevant information when evaluating the students' levels of understanding from a broader Tracker view with just the Power Standards.  Click on the colored boxes button and then select  Show Power Standards Only.