Student Portal Setup

By enabling Student Portals in MasteryConnect, students gain the ability to monitor and track their progress in real time. However, Student Portals work a bit differently than Parent Portals; check out the Student Login Overview help article to learn how students can use their MasteryConnect accounts. MasteryConnect will auto-generate student usernames and passwords, leaving it up to teachers to relay login credentials to students in one of two ways:

  • Emailing students credentials.
  • Printing student credentials.

  Importing Student Emails Using Clever

  • AutoSync—Reach out to Clever (visit Clever's Help Center) to ensure the student emails are getting included in the sync.
  •  SFTP—Make sure “Student_email” is filled out appropriately in your “students.csv” file.

  Importing Student Emails from the MasteryConnect Interface