MC Teacher: Assessments Overview

When you tap Assessments at the bottom of MC Teacher, you’ll access a fully searchable list of assessments that have been added to your trackers. From here, you can open the Grader for each assessment, where you can grade or edit answers. From the Assessments page, you’ll see:

  • The assessment names
  • The name of the tracker which contains the assessment
  • The standards to which the assessment is aligned
  • Student mastery levels for assessments that have been graded



How to Search for an Assessment in MC Teacher

  1. First, tap the Assessments button.
    Assessment No Border
  2. Next, tap the Search My Assessments field; the on-screen keyboard will appear. Assessments View
  3. Begin typing your search parameters.
  4. You can also sort assessments by tracker, standard, or assessed and unassessed. To do this, tap Sort By... and select your sort options.

    Note: You can filter searches by combining the Assessments smart search and Sort By options. Click the X (“  ”) at any time to clear the search field.

    Assessments Sort By