Use Remote Scores

When your student has been assessed in the same standard across multiple trackers, those scores may show up in your tracker as a remote score. You'll be able to view the mastery level, assessment, and student answers for that standard, which you can then use to compare against your own assessment. Your school or district SIS must be integrated with MasteryConnect to use remote scores.

If you do not remote scores to appear, you can turn off remote scores for your tracker.



How to Use Remote Scores

  1. Click on Trackers, then select the tracker you want to view.
  2. If your students share an assessed standard with another tracker, they'll be marked with a dog-eared corner in your tracker.
    External Scores
  3. Hover over the dog-ear to see the teacher from whom the scores are coming.
    Hover External Score
  4. Click on the standard title to add your own assessment. 
  5. Click on an individual student mastery level to view details, including the assessment, answer key, and student answers.
    External Scores Assessment Detail