Manage and Add Teacher Accounts

 **Note-If you receive a message that a teacher's "Email has already been taken,"  most likely the account has already been created and needs to be activated or the account is located in another district.  You can activate the teacher or resend an activation email from the Manage Teachers page. If you can not find the teacher account, please contact MasteryConnect support with the teacher's name, email and school location.  

How to Manage Teacher Accounts

  1. Click on Admin to view the Manage Teachers page.
  2. Use the search bar to search and filter by school, grade level, subject, or role.  

    Manage teachers search bar

  3. After you find the teacher that you are looking for, you can manage their MasteryConnect account in the following ways:
  • Reset the account password.
  • Click Login to log in to the teacher's account.
  • Click Edit and change information such as name, email, role, and grades taught.
  • Activate the account or resend activation emails.
  • Suspend or Unsuspend the account (when you suspend a teacher it will turn off their access to MasteryConnect).

    Manage teacher


Step-by-Step: How to Add a Teacher to Your School or District  

  1. Click on Admin.  Next, click on the Add Teacher button.
  2. Enter the teacher's information, and then click on Create.Add Teacher