Progress Reports: Add Comments or Exclude Trackers

*Note: this is a premium feature. The feature currently supports Spanish and English. Other languages and Emojis are not supported.

After an administrator has created progress reports for your school, you'll be able to provide comments for the students in your class. You'll also receive email notification at the beginning of each academic term to remind you to add comments to progress reports.

You also have the option to Exclude the tracker from the Progress Report.  You may want to do this if the tracker is primarily used for your own data or if you are not ready to share the information.  


How to Add Comments or Exclude Trackers from Progress Reports

  1. Click Trackers, then click on Progress Reports.
  2. If progress reports are available for you to add comments, you'll see them here.
  3. If you want to exclude the tracker from the report, click Exclude from Report.
  4. For each tracker listed, click Enter Data to provide comments for the students in that class.Available for Teacher Comments
  5. Next, add your observations, notes, or commentary in the Comments fields to the right of each student's name.
  6. When you're done entering comments, click Save Changes.Save Changes Button