Add Sub-Standards to a Curriculum Map

Open Sub-Standard

Open Sub-standard

Click on Maps. If you have not already created one, see Create a Curriculum Map. Click on the Curriculum Map. Hover over the menu button for the standard where you want to add sub-standards, and click on Add Sub-Standard.


  • Only the author of a district-approved curriculum map can add sub-standards or make other edits to it.
  • District-approved curriculum maps cannot be copied.

Select Sub-Standards

select sub-standards

If the standard you selected has suggested sub-standards, check the boxes next to each sub-standard you want to add. If you do not see any suggested sub-standards, there are not currently any available for that standard. Once you've selected the sub-standards, click on Add Standard.

Create New Sub-Standard

Create new sub-standard

If the standard does not have suggested sub-standards, or you want to create your own, click on Create New Sub-Standard. Enter the name and short and long descriptions. Check the box if you want to apply this to all of your trackers, then click on Create. Your sub-standards will stay connected to the main standard, but you can drag and drop the standard to rearrange it in your map.