Administrator Custom Reports


The custom reporting feature lets you view a comparative analysis of benchmark and formative assessments that can be filtered by various demographic groups, teachers, students, standards, etc. You can then track performance of those groups or build custom reports around student performance.


How to Create a Custom Report

  1. Click on Admin, then click on Reporting and select Custom Reports. Custom Reports Menu
  2. Click on Add Report. Enter a Name and Description for your report and click on Create Report.
  3. Click on Add Assessment, then select either Benchmark Assessment or Formative Assessment to create the report for that assessment data.
  4. A pop-up window will appear with all the assessments.  You will also be able to see if the assessment is available and/or has data.  (In order for the assessment to pull and show data, it needs to be private to the school/district that is creating the report.)  If you find that it is not pulling all the data, or you cannot find the assessment from the list, make sure the creator has made it private to the school or district.  If they have not, they will need to edit the privacy settings
  5. Find the assessment you want to use and click on Add to Report button.    
  6. You will receive a notification that the assessment was successfully added. You will also see an icon showing how many times that specific assessment has been added to a report.
  7. Once you've added an assessment, you can close out of the assessment window and it will return to the Custom Report.
  8. On this page you will be able to see the assessment that was added, the Core/Subject/Class and the creator.  You will also be able to edit and archive the assessment.
  9. To edit the assessment and change the data being pulled.  Click on the Pencil Icon to Edit. 
  10. You will be given the option to change the Assessment Title, the Mastery Cut Scores or the Filters. Click on Change to change any of the information.
  11. Filters include school, teacher, year, gender, race and demographics. Fill in each field or check the boxes to select the data you want to filter and show in the report. When you're finished, click on Save Changes. Comparative Reports-Filters
  12. You can also click on Change to change the cut scores. You can create a report with custom cut score labels. When you add these, they will display in your report, but will not change the actual scores from trackers. Use this when you've filtered a specific group of students and want to group them in different proficiency levels than the actual scores. Click to Add or Remove levels and enter the cut score ranges. Click on Save Changes. Change the drop down menu back to Mastery Levels to return the graph to the original scored proficiency levels. Comparative Reports-Edit Cut Scores