Automated Sync or STFP via Clever

One of the easiest methods for transferring your classroom roster information into MasteryConnect is through Clever. The cost is free and comes with the added benefit of potentially allowing other third-party applications to access your roster data.Automated Sync via CleverClick here to view Clever's list of supported SIS vendors that currently sync data via automatic sync.

How to Setup an Automated Sync within your SIS

  1. Find your SIS in Clever's list of Auto Sync instructions.
  2. Go to and follow their instructions on how to create a new account.
  3. Provide all the required information for each new SIS user.
  4. Wait for the sync to complete for the very first time.
  5. Afterward, specify MasteryConnect's sharing permissions in your Clever account.

*If your SIS is not compatible with Clever, you may consider setting up your own automated SFTP transfer into Clever.

Clever provides step-by-step instructions for establishing an SFTP sync with your SIS system; please refer to this guide for further details:

SFTP Sync Overview

How often information is updated in MasteryConnect depends on the frequency with which files are sent to Clever. We strongly recommend that you automate the generation and transfer of these files.