How do I compare students' formative and benchmark assessment scores in a tracker?

You can compare students' formative and benchmark assessment results in a tracker using Comparison Mode.

Benchmark assessment results are not included in a tracker's standards columns mastery calculations. However, Comparison Mode allows you to view students' formative and benchmark scores side-by-side in standards columns. This view allows you to identify discrepancies or trends among student assessment scores and performance.

Open Tracker

Open Tracker

In the Global Navigation Menu, click the Trackers link [1]. In the Trackers page, click a tracker name link [2].

Turn On Comparison Mode

Open Comparison Mode

In a tracker, benchmark assessments are indicated by a B label [1]. Locate the benchmark assessment you want to compare and hover over the benchmark assessment name [2]. Then click the Compare option [3].

View Comparison Scores

Compare Formative and Benchmark Data

When in Comparison Mode, the benchmark header displays an Active label [1].

Only standards assessed in the benchmark are affected by Comparison Mode. Each affected standard column displays students' formative and benchmark assessment mastery levels side-by-side [2]. Formative assessment scores display on the left [3], and benchmark scores display on the right [4].

If a student's formative and benchmark scores match, the standard score cells display darkened [5].

Turn Off Comparison Mode

Turn Off Comparison Mode

To turn off Comparison Mode, hover over the benchmark header [1] and click the Compare Off option [2].