Create a CASE Assessment


How to Create a CASE Assessment

  1. Click on Admin, hover over Assessments, and select Benchmarks.
  2. Click on Add Benchmark.
  3. Select District Benchmark as the Assessment Type.
  4. Select your Subject, Core, Class, and Standard.
  5. Add a Title and optional description for the benchmark.
  6. In the Assessment Source box, select CASE Item Bank.

    Select Score21
  7. You can filter items by Item Type, DOK, or by directly entering the item number.  To view details of an item, click the item name.  To add items to the assessment, click the + symbol on the right of the item.  To create an assessment of random items, enter the number of items in the box at the top of the left column, and click the shuffle symbol to the right.  Added items will appear in the column on the right.

    Add items to TE21 Benchmark

  8. Enter the cut scores for the assessment, and click on the Create Assessment button.
    Create Assessment Button TE21