Create a Classification Item Bank Question

*Note: this is a district-only feature.

Please Note: In Chrome, the 'Block third party cookies and site data' box must be unchecked in order to be able to add text in the question editor. If you cannot enter text, please make sure this box is not checked in your Chrome settings.

After you have added the item to the district item bank, you are ready to begin defining the classification item. A classification question is a drag and drop type item that asks students to classify possible responses into specific cells in response to a stimulus. There are three sections that are used to define the classification answer:

    •  Basic
    •  Answer Key
    • Formatting


How to Create a Classification Item for an Item Bank

  1. To add an optional passage or a calculator, click the Add Passage or the Add Tool button.
  2. In the Basic section, add the question in the Stimulus field.
  3. In the Formatting section, enter the number of columns that you want in the table, and then click the Add button to add the column titles.
  4. Return to the Basic section, and click the Add button on the right of Possible Responses to add responses (these are the answers that the student will drag and drop into the columns).
  5. Next, in the Answer Key section, click the + symbol on the right of Valid Response for cell 1.Classification Item Question Add Response Button
  6. Select the correct response for the first cell on the chart. Click the symbol again to add the rest of the correct responses for that cell. Do the same thing for the remaining cells until all valid responses have been added to the correct cells.
  7. Before you publish the item, validate that the answers are functioning correctly. To do this, select the answers in the preview pane and click the Validate icon. Correct answers should be highlighted in green and incorrect answers should be highlighted in red.
  8. After you have finished creating the item, click the Publish button to share the item with any district teachers, or click the Publish and Reserve button to share the question with district administrators only.