Create a Curriculum Map on a Different Mastery Scale

If you're in a school or district that was previously on a 3 point scale, you may have created curriculum maps on that scale that you want to use on a 4 point scale or vice versa. To use a curriculum map for a 4 point tracker, all assessments in that curriculum map must be aligned to a 4 point scale. Because the assessments need to be realigned to the new scale, you will need to rebuild any curriculum maps you want to continue to use.


  • This is a district-only feature.
  • Only the author of a district-approved curriculum map can edit it.
  • District-approved curriculum maps cannot be copied.

Open 3-point Curriculum Map

Create New Curriculum map

Click on Maps. Select the 3 point curriculum map you want to rebuild on the new scale. You can keep this curriculum map open to use as a resource to build a new curriculum map.

Create a New Curriculum Map

Create new map

Open a new browser window, and return to your curriculum maps page. Click on Add Curriculum Map. When you create a new curriculum map, it will align to the mastery scale your school or district is currently using.

Build the new curriculum map using the previous one as a reference for units, standards, resource pins, and assessments. Each assessment will need to be cloned and updated with new cut scores to use on the new scale. See Convert an Assessment to Different Mastery Levels for more information on how to do this.

Note: If you Copy a Curriculum Map, it will create a copy using the same scale, you will not be able to convert the curriculum map to a new scale from here.