Create a Formula Essay Item Bank Question

Please Note: In Chrome, the 'Block third party cookies and site data' box must be unchecked in order to be able to add text in the question editor. If you cannot enter text, please make sure this box is not checked in your Chrome settings.

A formula essay question allows the student to enter and format text, using a keyboard, and calculator interface with formulas, to respond to a stimulus. This type of question supports rubric grading.  


How to Create a Formula Essay Item for an Item Bank

  1. To add an optional passage, calculator, or a ruler, click the Add Feature button. 

  2. In the Compose Question field, type the question.  Select the formatting options you want to have available to the students. You can add more by clicking on the Add button or delete by clicking on the garbage icon. Formula essay stimulus item bank
  3. In the Rubric section, enter the rubric criteria. You can create this as a table by clicking the Table icon.  Then enter the total rubric points.  
  4. After you have finished creating the item, click the Publish button to share the item with any district teachers, or click the Publish and Reserve button to share the question with district administrators only.