Custom Reports

*Note: this is a district-only feature.


How to Create a Custom Report

  1. Click on Trackers, then click on Custom Reports.
  2. Click on Add Report. Enter a Name and Description for your report and click on Continue.
  3. Click on Add Data. Find the assessment you want to use and click on Add to Report. Click on Add Data again to add additional assessments to the report.
  4. Once you've added an assessment, hover over the gray menu button for that assessment to customize the data you want to see in your report. Select Filter to start filtering assessment data.
  5. Click in each box to select the data you want to filter and show in the report. When you’re finished, click on Save to save the changes. Filter Teacher Custom Reports
  6. You can also click on Edit Cut Scores to create a report with custom cut score labels. When you add these, they will display in your report, but will not change the actual scores from trackers. Use this when you’ve filtered a specific group of students and want to group them in different proficiency levels than the actual scores. Click to Addor Remove levels and enter the cut score ranges. Click on Save to save your changes. Change the drop down menu back to Mastery Levels to return the graph to the original scored proficiency levels. Comparative Reports-Edit Cut Scores