Edit Assessment Answers in Grader

There are times you may need to modify student answers after they’ve been scored—most often when bubbles are left blank or are incorrectly filled in. Regardless the reason, if you feel the student has a sufficient understanding of the concepts in question, MasteryConnect's Teacher app gives you an opportunity to change responses on the spot.

Note: The ability to edit answers is only allowed when MC Teacher is in Teacher View.



How to Edit Assessment Answers in Grader

  1. After scoring an assessment with the Grader, student answers appear in the right column; incorrect answers are shown in red with the correct answer in the adjacent parentheses.
  2. To change one or more student responses, tap on Edit Answers.Edit Answers Button
  3. The far-right column will mimic the appearance of a bubble sheet, allowing you to manually adjust answers. Student answers that are correct appear as solid green; incorrect answers are solid red, accompanied by the actual answer in grey with a green highlight.
  4. Adjust the student’s answers accordingly. When you are done making changes, tap on Save Answers.

    Save Answers Button