End and Start the School Year – Teachers

Here are some answers to common questions and tips for ending your school year, then beginning a new one in Mastery Connect. This will help with a smoother transition into the next school year.

School Year Tracker Archive Date

At the end of the school year, trackers are archived automatically on July 1.

See Archive and Delete a Tracker to learn more and remove trackers from the archive.

Curriculum Maps

You can use curriculum maps from year to year.

Update Assessments

You can update or edit any of the assessments you used to use next year.

  • If it is an assessment you originally created, simply Edit the Assessment to make your changes.
  • If the assessment was created by someone else, you can Clone the Assessment then add to it or make your own changes.

Add Students to a Tracker for the New School Year

Note: If you do not see your new students (or new sections, if you are syncing via Clever), contact your IT Administrator.

Access Student Data from a Previous Year

Note: If you have questions or need to alter the end of year roll over date please contact your Regional Education Consultant.