Enter Raw Scores in a Tracker via Teacher App

Entering a Raw Score allows you to score students for the selected standard without using a pre-existing assessment; you will be prompted to set mastery level cut scores before manually scoring your students (not available for multi-standards or benchmarks).



How to Enter Raw Scores Using Teacher App

  1. Tap the Trackers icon, and then select your tracker from the list.
  2. On the left side, find the the standard that you want to assess and tap it.My Trackers Standards View
  3. Next, tap the +Raw Score button on the right.
  4. Enter a Title, Total Score, Mastery Score, and Near Mastery Score.

    Edit-Scores II

  5. Tap Grade; this will open the Grader.
  6. In the center column, you can view a description of the standard; tap Assessment Notes to add general notes for the assessment.
  7. In the left column, tap on individual student names to enter their score on the right; you can tap Student Notes to add notes for that particular student.
  8. Click Save and tap the next student name to continue entering raw scores.