Troubleshooting: GradeCam

The following guide will help you troubleshoot issues when GradeCam is not scanning, or is not working at all. If you are scanning a bubble sheet with an unreadable or blank answer, or you are getting a Student ID Scan Error, please take a look at our article Verify GradeCam Scanning Errors.


If GradeCam is working, but is not scanning bubble sheets correctly, check the following things:

  1. Do the student IDs on the bubble sheet match the student IDs in the tracker?
  2. Are you using blank bubble sheets (not pre-populated with student IDs)? If the length of the student IDs on the bubble sheet is greater than the actual length of the student ID, you must add zeroes to all empty boxes in front of the ID.
  3. Is the test ID expired? If GradeCam is not loading the student's answers, the test ID may be expired.  To learn how to change the test ID expiration date, take a look at our article Generate or Set Expiration on Test IDs.
  4. Does the assessment have technological enhanced items that are not formatted to scan?  Does any of the items in the item list not have the gradecam icon?  If they do, they cannot be scanned.  
  5. If Gradecam is registering your assessment and highlights the bubble sheet with a green box but will not scan, this can be due to the amount of questions on the assessment. Make sure you have the right amount of questions as listed on the assessment. You may have a test with multiple choice and rubric criteria and the rubric criteria will be left blank for later grading by the teacher, but the bubble sheet still needs to have at least as many questions as the assessment. For example, if an assessment has 15 questions, 10 multiple choice and 5 rubric, you will need at least 15 questions on the bubble sheet, even if the last 5 are intentionally left blank.
  6. Is the entire bubble sheet in view in the camera window, including the surrounding black border?
  7. Is the camera focused on the bubble sheet?  Does the lens need to be cleaned?
  8. Are there any additional markings on the bubble sheet, such as circles, writing, or student doodling?  These markings can interfere with scanning.
  9. Is the bubble sheet printed on plain white paper? Colored paper can interfere with scanning.
  10. Is the camera in a well-lit place? Shadows, inadequate lighting, and glare can interfere with scanning.

    If your GradeCam image is upside down, please do the following:

  • Click the Settings icon on the side of the GradeCam.  On the Scan Settings dialog, select the Flip Image check box and click Save Preferences.

GradeCam Settings Icon   
If GradeCam is not working at all, go to and check the following things:

  1. Are you using a supported browser?  Click Browser Support to check.
  2. Do you have the latest plugin installed?  If you are not sure, click Install GradeCam, and then click Download to install the latest plugin. Note: If you are using a Mac, you will have to find and uninstall the old plugin before you install the new one.  Do a Spotlight search for “gcplugin” to find older versions.  If you are not sure how to delete these on a Mac, please contact your System Administrator or MasteryConnect Support.GradeCam Troubleshoot Install Plugin
  3. Is your camera compatible with GradeCam?  Click Select Camera and select a camera from the list (only compatible cameras will appear in the list). width=
  4. If you are still having issues, you can test GradeCam by clicking Try Scanning, and scanning a bubble sheet.GradeCam Troubleshooting Try Scanning

GradeCam still not working?

  • If you are unable to perform any of these steps, or if these steps do not resolve your GradeCam issues, you should talk to your system administrator.  It may be that you do not have admin access to change settings, or that some settings (such as the firewall allow list) can only be adjusted by your administrator.
  • If you are still having GradeCam issues, please contact MasteryConnect Support for further assistance (do not contact GradeCam support directly).