Integration Overview

In order to begin, your school “roster” information must first be loaded into MasteryConnect. We offer a wide range of data transfer methods to simplify and automate this process. This overview provides a summary of each transfer method as well as links to additional guides that detail the steps necessary to manage data in your account.Accout Setup Phase Flow

When to Integrate?

Before you start trackin' student mastery, you'll need to first transfer your roster data into MasteryConnect. Our integration team will work as quickly as possible to help set up your account. The single biggest reason for a slow integration is caused by schools and districts that are unprepared or do not have the resources available to manage the transfer. Please ensure that you have the necessary staff allocated to assist you (typically your local SIS and/or IT Administrator).

Transfer Methods and Considerations

Each data transfer method has a varying degree of difficulty and preferred technical acumen. One of our MasteryConnect integration specialists will be happy to consult with you and help you choose an integration method that best accommodates your needs. Here are some things to consider:

  • Your SIS vendor.
  • Your technical acumen.
  • Your staffing resources.

Getting Your Data into MasteryConnect

Follow the links below to learn more about the different methods used for transferring data into MasteryConnect.


Why Automate?

Whenever possible, we strongly recommend you set up an automated data transfer from your Student Information System (SIS) into MasteryConnect via Clever. This will ensure that every teacher’s roster is current and that your students’ MasteryConnect data follows them throughout the year.


MasteryConnect's integration specialists are a dedicated resource, here to help you set up and transfer your data into MasteryConnect. We offer remote support and guidance throughout the duration of the setup process. If you choose Clever as your data transfer method, we will involve their integration team for assistance.

Who is Clever?

Clever provides schools and districts with a single integration solution and is an easy and free way to transfer your SIS data into MasteryConnect. Click here to learn more about Clever.Transfer Method

Final Steps

Once your data has been loaded into MasteryConnect and your first automated sync is scheduled, you are ready to move on and complete the final steps in the account setup process:

  • Validate your data within MasteryConnect (i.e. make sure everything looks correct).
  • Schedule your product development and training sessions.
  • Send the activation emails (Go Live).