How to Find Missing Students

Troubleshooting Sync Issues for Teachers

If your student and/or class rosters aren’t showing correctly, make sure to:

  1. Document a specific example of your exact problem (e.g. which trackers or students are incorrect); having this information on hand will make the process go faster.  Please identify:
    • Incorrect or missing sections (i.e. class names, teachers associated with the class, etc.).
    • Incorrect or missing student lists and/or rosters.
  2. Check with your IT or School/District Administrator about the problem.
    • If the problem can be fixed by your IT/School Administrator—double-check the following day to make sure that everything is appearing correctly.
    • If your IT/School Administrator cannot find a problem with your SIS, have your IT specialist contact MasteryConnect's Support team; don't forget to include your contact information and the example of your problem.
  3. Your IT specialist will work with MasteryConnect to ensure that your data is syncing correctly. Check back with your IT Department to get an update on the progress.

Troubleshooting Sync Issues for SIS or IT Administrators

To sync data between your SIS (Student Information System) and MasteryConnect, be sure that:

  • Data is current in your School or District SIS.
  • Names and sections are spelled correctly.
  • Data is being extracted in the correct format.
    • If you're syncing automatically with Clever, please contact them for the proper formatting conventions. Visit Clever's Help Center.
    • If you're syncing with Clever via SFTP, click here for the correct format.
  • Data is being transferred daily (unless otherwise required).
  • Clever is able to process your data correctly.
  • MasteryConnect is able to process Clever's data correctly.

If All Else Fails... Contact Support

Please keep in mind that “section” and “enrollment” problems can often only be corrected at the school or district level. After updating this information on your end, changes may take up to 24 hours (or longer, if your school updates less frequently) to show up in your trackers. Once you've made certain that everything is correct on your end, please send us the following information and we'll investigate further:

  • The teacher's email address (e.g.
  • An example of the issue that needs to be resolved; for example:
    • The specific tracker name (e.g. “Period 2 - Second Semester”).
    • If missing or incorrect, provide exact section names (e.g. “5th Grade Math”).
    • If missing or incorrect, provide individual student names (e.g. “Pond, Amy”).