Print a Student List Sorted by Mastery Level

There are two ways that you can print a list of students that have been sorted by mastery level.

View Student List

View Student List

Click on Trackers and select your tracker.

Click on a standard to view your class mastery levels for that standard. Then, hover over the Most Recent menu [1] and select Sort by Mastery [2].

Take a screenshot of the sorted list, and print it.

Export Student List

Export Student List

Click on Trackers, and select your tracker.

Click the More button [1], and click the Reporting link [2].

Export Tracker

Click the Export Tracker link.

Select Export Options

MasteryConnect :: classrooms

In the Export modal, you can customize what data from the tracker will export. To select or deselect a unit, click the checkbox next to the unit name [1]. To select or deselect specific standards, click the down arrow to expand the unit standards list and click the checkbox next to the desired standards [2].

To customize how the exported information displays, use the checkboxes and radio buttons to select display options [3].

When you have finalized the export display options, click the Export Spreadsheet button [4].

View Spreadsheet

View Spreadsheet

Use the Filter function in Excel to filter by cell color and sort by mastery.

Print the spreadsheet.