Set a Power Standard in a Curriculum Map

In MasteryConnect, a power standard is used to call out or emphasize specific standards in a tracker or curriculum map. You can set a standard as a power standard for any reason you want to mark that standard, for example, if it is a standard that needs to be mastered before moving on.

Step by Step

How to Set a Power Standard in a Curriculum Map

  1. Click on Maps.
  2. Select your curriculum map.
  3. Hover over the menu button on a standard, and select Set as Power Standard.
  4. After a standard has been set as a power standard in your curriculum map, it will be marked with a P to let you know it is a power standard. If you create a tracker from the curriculum map those same standards will still be marked as power standards.
  5. To remove the power standard, hover over the menu button, and select Unset as Power Standard.