Sync a Curriculum Map

When you make a change to a curriculum map, you can apply the changes to any trackers connected to that map. When you sync a curriculum map, the following things will sync:

  • New standards
  • New assessments
  • New notes
  • New resource pins

The following things will not sync:

  • Any changes to the order of standards
  • Any changes to the order of units
  • Standards or sub-standards that have been removed from the curriculum map


  • Only the author of a district-approved curriculum map can edit it.

Update Trackers

Update Trackers

Click on Maps, then select the curriculum map.

To update any of your own trackers, select the check box for that tracker, and click on Apply Updates.

Note: If any other teachers have created a tracker from your curriculum map, you can click on Notify Trackers of Updates to send the update to them.

Apply Updates

Apply Updates

When someone updates a curriculum map that you are using, you will receive an email.  Click the View Updates button in the email to see the changes.

After you have viewed the changes, select the check box for the tracker, and click on Apply Updates.