Deliver a Linked MasteryConnect Assessment via Canvas LTI as an External Tool

Learning Tools Interoperability (LTI) allows you to integrate MasteryConnect with Canvas. Once your administrator sets up an LTI for your school or district, you will be able deliver assessments in MasteryConnect through Canvas.



How to Deliver an Assignment Through Canvas

  1. Log in to Canvas and open the course to which you would like to add the assessment.
  2. Click Assignments.
    Canvas Assignments
  3. Click the Add Assignment button.

    Canvas Add Assignment

  4. Now, enter the title of your assessment in the Assignment Name box. 
  5. In the Points box, enter the total points available for the assessment. This needs to match the points of the assessment that you're linking to in MasteryConnect.
  6. Click the Submission Type drop-down list, and select External Tool. Next, click Find and select the MasteryConnect LTI connection. Leave the box Load This Tool In a New Tab unchecked.

  7. You can add an optional due date, or set up a window of time during which the assessment is available.
  8. When you are finished, click Save and Publish.
  9. MasteryConnect will open in your Canvas window. Now, you'll need to find the assessment in your tracker and link it to Canvas. First, click Trackers in the main navigation bar.
  10. Next, find the assessment by opening a tracker and clicking on the name of the standard (e.g. 6.RP.A.1) where your assessment is located.Standard Title
  11. Click on Assess above the standard name to open the Assessment modal.
    Note: If you’re working with a multi-standard assessment, you’ll have to click the title of the assessment and drill down to find the Assess button.
  12. On the Assessment modal, select Link To LMS. 
  13. The assessment will now be linked to your course in Canvas and be available to your students in that specific tracker. 
    Note: If you have all your students/sections linked to one course in Canvas, please create a separate assignment to link to each tracker.  A separate Canvas assignment will need to be added for each tracker to be able to link the assignment to the specific assessment in each individual tracker.