Gradebook Overview

Designed With Traditional Gradebooks in Mind...

MasteryConnect's Gradebook allows you to utilize time-saving assessment tools such as GradeCam, iPad, Chromebook, or a web browser, and then instantly export scores to third-party gradebooks.  

It works just like MasteryConnect; upload and store digital files as well as offline or paper-based assessments. You can even copy your class roster directly from a tracker you’ve created in MasteryConnect.  

With bubble sheet scanning, you can automatically create and print paper bubble sheets, pre-filled with student IDs.

Assess Student Mastery in Four Easy Steps

  1. Create and upload your assignment in any common file format (Word, PDF, etc.); printed versions work too.
  2. Enter or scan your answer key.
  3. Assess students on a computer, iPad, or printed bubble sheet.
  4. When you're done, you can export scores to any gradebook or SIS. 

Deliver Assessments Like in MasteryConnect

  • Web BrowserStudents can take assessments on their computer or Chromebook; scoring is automatic.
  • iPadStudents can take assessments on their iPad; scoring is automatic.
  • Printed Bubble SheetsStudents take an assessment using a printed bubble sheet and then you can scan it from any computer.