Prevent Suspended Teacher Accounts

When MasteryConnect performs an automatic data sync with your school's Student Information System (SIS), any accounts in MasteryConnect that don't match those in your SIS will have their status changed to Suspended.

Therefore, in order for information to be synced correctly, check with your SIS administrator to make sure the most current teacher information is being shared with MasteryConnect. It can take 24-48 hours for your SIS to update information within MasteryConnect.

To permanently "pin" a teacher so their Status will remain Active regardless of your SIS, follow the steps below.


How to Prevent Account Statuses from Being Suspended

Teacher accounts are commonly suspended during the nightly sync with your SIS; this happens when a teacher in MasteryConnect doesn't have a match in your SIS. The best way to fix this is to contact your SIS administrator and have them update your teacher rosters.

Here's how to "pin" staff so their account status won't be overwritten during a sync:

  1. Click on Admin, hover over Manage, and then select Teachers.
  2. Use the Search Teachers field or scroll through your list of teachers until you find one that you want to "pin". You can also manually "pin" non-teachers (administrators, techs) who may not have corresponding data in your SIS.
  3. Click Edit below the teacher's name. 
  4. In the Edit Teacher section, check the Prevent SIS From Updating School box.
  5. Finally, click Update. This teacher will now be active in MasteryConnect regardless whether a match is found during the SIS sync.