Troubleshooting: Viewing an Assessment Document

The following guide will help you troubleshoot issues when an assessment is not loading, or visible in the document viewer. 

One reason that an assessment may not be loading correctly is because it has been deleted by the original owner. In this case, you will see a blue banner that will let you know the assessment has been deleted. You will still be able to access this assessment in trackers, but if you would like to add it to a new tracker you will need to clone the assessment

Step by Step

How to Troubleshoot a Document that is not displaying correctly 

NOTE: This method will not work for item bank assessments or assessments without a document attached.

  1. When an assessment is not displaying correctly hover over the help menu below the assessment. 


  2. Click on the Regenerate Now button to regenerate the assessment. 


  3. The assessment will be regenerated.

    Note: If there is an error regenerating the document please submit a support ticket